Toggenburg Does

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Sire: Royal Cedars Ambrosia Apollo

Dam: Joheas-Acres Celebrity

DOB: 4/16/18

Connie is the best birthday present I could have asked for! I've wanted to start a Toggenburg herd for years, and when Melanie offered Connie to me, I couldn't pass her up. Connie's dam, Celebrity has been one of my favorite Toggs for years now. And the maternal line behind Apollo is one of the most consistently high quality that you will find.


Connie came here early in her lactation, and her production reflects the stress of traveling across the country. I fully expect her to bloom into higher production next year as she matures. She's smoothly blended, level, and walks on a strong set of feet and legs. I can't wait to see her with another lactation under her belt!


Sire: KBARC RR Limerick

Dam: KBARC LRR Dominant Chord

DOB: 2/23/20

I'm a firm believer in dam lines, and Maddie comes from one that I've long admired. Add in the qualities that Limerick brings to the table, and I think I've got something special with her! I look forward to her freshening and being able to properly evaluate her this year.


Sire: Hidden Meadows Celebrity Summit

Dam: Royal Cedars Bluff Anita

DOB 3/14/20

Olympia combines all of my favorite lines from the Royal Cedars/Hidden Meadows herd. A lovely young doe with great GA and DS, I can't wait to see what she matures into!


Sire: KBARC RR Limerick

Dam: KBARC KK Lyre

DOB: 4/3/20


Muse is a promising doe out of a very fancy FF in the KBARC herd. I'm very excited to see what the future holds for her. As an added bonus, she's polled! She will be dry in 2021.


Sire: KBARC RR Limerick

Dam: KBARC ZB Lime Citrine

DOB: 4/3/20

Mercury rounds out the start to my Toggenburg herd. Another fancy Limerick daughter, she's one that I'm looking forward to seeing fresh!