Toggenburg Does

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Sire: Royal Cedars Ambrosia Apollo

Dam: Joheas-Acres Celebrity

DOB: 4/16/18

03-04 VEEE 90

04-04 VEEE 91

02-00 221 1110 33 30

National Show Placings:

'21 11th 3yo

Connie is the best birthday present I could have asked for! I had wanted to start a Toggenburg herd for years, and when Melanie asked if I wanted to start a herd with Connie, I couldn't pass her up. Connie's dam, Celebrity has been one of my favorite Toggs for years now. And the maternal line behind Apollo is one of the most consistently high quality that you will find.


Now that she's had a chance to settle in here at Spinning Spider, Connie has truly come into her own. First finishing her championship at her first show ever, she then placed 11th at Nationals and her daughter won the Intermediate kid class! Connie capped the year off by scoring 90 VEEE! Connie is easily my favorite goat on the farm, so I might be biased, but I love the smoothness of her front end; the correct soundness of her feet and legs; as well as the lovely shape and productivity of her mammary.


While she didn't get off the farm in '22, Connie has continued to prove her value as a brood doe, while looking great doing it.



Sire: Hidden Meadows Celebrity Summit

Dam: Royal Cedars Bluff Anita

DOB 3/14/20

01-05 VEVV 86 (FF)

02-05 VVV+ 85

National Show Placings:

'21 2nd, 2nd Udder Milking Yearling

Combining some of my favorite Royal Cedars/Hidden Meadows lines, I had very high hopes for Olympia last year as a kid, and boy did she come through for me as a milker! Olympia has an udder very reminiscent of her mother's, with beautiful attachments and high production. That mammary combined with her smooth, correct GA was strong enough to earn her placing of 2nd, 2nd udder at the 2021 National Show. With an appropriately high LA score for a milking yearling, AND giving me a doe kid, Olympia really did it all in '21.



Sire: Eder's Kamehameha

Dam: Royal Cedars Amelie Audrey

DOB: 3/11/21

01-05 VVVV 87 (FF)

Another super exciting birthday present (Melanie picks some good ones!), Adore is out of the beautiful Audrey. Now that she's kidded, Adore is turning into quite the beauty herself!.


Sire: Hidden Meadows SEB Equinox

Dam: KBARC Lim's Madrigal


01-05 V+++ 85 (FF)

Ceilidh freshened with a well supported, cute udder. She's still a little immature, but has a lot of style that I like.


Sire: Royal Cedars Sausy Sebastian

Dam: CH (pending) Hidden Meadows X Constellation

DOB: 3/1/21

National Show Placings:

'21 1st place Int. Kid

'22 1st place Sr. Dry Yearling


While I don't normally say much about kids, Cassie is a special exception! An exciting AI breeding, Cassie has had style and presence from the day she was born. While I knew her worth, it was nice to have it confirmed when she won her class (Intermediate Kid) at Nationals! As that was the first time a Spinning Spider Toggenburg had ever been shown, I was pretty happy with her/my National show debut.


in '22, Cassie looked even better as a dry yearling. Even though she's not a huge doe, i convinced mom to bring her along to Nationals. I had a good feeling about it, and knew Cassie could pull off a rosette this time. She proved me right!


Sire: Hidden Meadows SEB Equinox

Dam: Royal Cedars Mt. Olympia

DOB: 5/4/21

Bailey is easily the cutest kid on the farm, and with Olympia for a mom, we have high hopes for her and are looking forward to her freshening soon.


Sire: Hidden Meadows SEB Equinox

Dam: Royal Cedars Mt. Olympia

DOB: 3/4/22