Alpine Senior Does

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Sire: SG Tempo Aquila Yukon Jack

Dam: SGCH Tempo Aquila Ricciolini

DOB: 2/5/14 

01-06 VVVE 88 (FF)

03-02 VEEE 90

05-05 FS VEEE 91

01-02 269 1810 58 50

02-02 305 2650 76 71

03-02 256 2790 86 73

05-00 301 2930 56 75

06-00 305 3090 80 78

PTI21: 152 PTI12: 172 ETA21: 102 ETA12: 101

Aire was one of those "do you have someone else to keep the buck kid company in the crate on the flight here" kind of buys. Sharp and angular with an incredibly globular udder, she's proven why that purchase was an excellent idea many times over. Aire has turned into one of the primary foundations of our Alpine herd with several daughters as well as sons retained over the years. I love the balance of strengths that she shows, being correct in all areas of the scorecard.


Sire: Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up

Dam: SG Spinning Spider WS Respect

DOB: 2/13/16 

02-06 VVVE 90

03-05 VEEE 91

05-06 FS VEEE 91

4-00 296 3310 80 97

5-00 305 3480 97 99

PTI21: 72 PTI12: 131 ETA21: 16 ETA12: 24

6th 2yo Milker 2018 ADGA Nat'l Show

Restless has impressed me ever since she was a yearling milker. Not only has she been extremely successful in the show ring, but Restless is also consistent in the parlor. She has been an important brood doe for us as well, with several daughters and a son retained.


Sire: Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up

Dam: Spinning Spider Indefatigable

DOB: 2/19/16 

02-06 VVVV 87 (FF)

05-06 FS VEVE 91

 02-02 259 2090 62 60

04-03 231 1800 56 54

PTI21: 28 PTI12: 27 ETA21: 2 ETA12: -17

Izabella is one of our older Legs daughters, and exemplifies what he brought to our breeding program. Sharp and dairy, with a beautifully attached mammary, we've always loved her. 


Sire: GCH Tempo Aquila Xtra Label

Dam: GCH Tempo Aquila Jack's Aire

DOB: 2/24/16

02-06 V+VE 88 (FF)

03-05 VEVE 90

05-06 FS VEEE 91 

02-02 261 2010 52 53

03-00 291 3048 66 80

04-00 305 3120 81 80

PTI21: 58 PTI12: 83 ETA21: 47 ETA12: 33

Whisper is a bit of a misnomer, as anyone who's been penned near us at a show can attest to. That being said, she's a very sweet doe who's been extremely competitive in the showring as well as the parlor over the years. We love her dairy, angular frame and wonderful will to milk, as well as that mammary!


Sire: Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider IP Suzie

DOB: 3/17/17 

02-04 VVVV 87 (FF)

04-05  VEVE  90

01-11 304 2200 63 60

03-03 256 2210 91 63


PTI21: 46 PTI12: 50 ETA21: 18 ETA12: 5

Jezebel has known she was special since the day she was born. Our last Suzie daughter, we had high hopes for her from the start, and she's certainly lived up to them! Jezebel is one of those does that excels in all areas of the scorecard. She's an incredibly balanced doe, with correct GA, and a beautifully attached mammary system.


Sire: Redwood Hills Lance Jamboree

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider LIU Restless

DOB 2/17/19

02-06 VEVE 90

01-03 224 1210 34 35

ETA21: 38 ETA12: 90

Right In Time and her littermate sister Firecracker are 2 peas in a pod. Exciting AI babies out of Restless, we couldn't pick which one to keep, so we kept both! As they've matured, I still sometimes struggle to tell them apart without checking their name tags. I really love the balanced angularity and correctness of General Appearance they both have.


Sire: Redwood Hills Lance Jamboree

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider LIU Restless

DOB 2/17/19 

02-06 VEVE 90

01-03 230 1160 38 34

ETA21: 38 ETA12: 90

Firecracker and her littermate sister RightInTime share so many strengths, especially in the mammary. Both have long, wide fore udders; and high, well arched rear udders.


Sire: Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up

Dam: GCH Spinning Spider XA Whisper

DOB: 2/22/19

02-06 VEVV 87

ETA21: -8 ETA12: -43

An incredibly exciting breeding, Willin' unfortunately freshened as a yearling with what turned out to be gangrenous mastitis. While we were able to save her, she did lose half of her udder. The remaining half is still extremely productive, with an long fore udder and wonderful balance from the side. To go with her mammary, she has beautiful general appearance. She's extremely smooth in the front end, with a long, level topline and very correct feet and legs.


Spinning Spider KTIO Java

Sire: Walnut-Fork Kuja

Dam: SG Spinning Spider F Turn It On

DOB: 2/19/20

01-06 VEVV 86 (FF)

A sharp, dairy Kuja daughter with a productive and correct mammary, we can't wait to see what Java does this coming year.


Sire: Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up

Dam: Spinning Spider Kozmic Blu

DOB: 2/20/20

01-06 VVVV 85 (FF)

ETA21: -34 ETA12: -110

Metallica started as a smaller yearling, but has caught up nicely with her herdmates. She is yet another correct, balanced Legs daughter.


Sire: Walnut-Fork Kuja

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider LIU Restless

DOB: 2/21/20

01-06 VVVE 86 (FF)

Rhythm is another Restless daughter that shows the beautiful consistency of this Dam line. While she didn't get shown this year, I can't wait to bring her out in '22.


Sire: Tempo Aquila RR Living It Up

Dam: Spinning Spider X Independent

DOB: 2/29/20 

01-06 VVVV 86 (FF)

ETA21: -17 ETA12: -61

Indie was a growthy kid that was just too fancy to sell, and thankfully she freshened with a pretty udder to go with her body!


Sire: Spinning Spider LR Ramble On

Dam: Tempo Aquila Sweet Resistance

DOB: 3/1/20

01-05 VEEV 87 (FF)

My (Cullen's) favorite Alpine yearling, Revival has continued to bloom as the year has gone on. A growthy kid, she's turned into a smooth, correct milking yearling with a nearly ideal udder for her age. She nearly made the trip to Nationals, but with limited room in the trailer, and an emphasis on the Saanens, she didn't quite make it on the rig and we left her at home. 2022 will be a different story though!