Senior Does

The "Changes" line:

SGCH Spinning Spider AV Changes   92EEEE@06-02                                                       

PTI21: 95  PTI12: 190   ETA21: -55   ETA12: 13


Changes is the herd matriarch and a farm favorite. She had a show career with 5 times GCH, 4 times RGCH and 1 BSDIS as well standing 4th at the 2013 national show in the two year old Saanen milker class and 7th in 2014 in the three year old class. She's passed on her strength and depth to her progeny as well as her even temperament and sweet personality. In 2015 she had a difficult kidding that resulted in a mild bout of mastitis and her lifetime production totals reflects it. Changes' 2017 production with 233 DIM was 1894 lbs milk, 51 fat (2.7%) and 53 protein (2.8%). Her 2013 AI breeding to SG Des-Ruhigestelle Elander resulted in triplet does, two of which remain on the farm today, setting the standard for our entire herd. 


Changes daughters Weather and Heat Wave:

SGCH Spinning Spider Stormy Weather (l) and SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (r)
SGCH Spinning Spider Stormy Weather (l) and SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (r)



SGCH Spinning Spider Stormy Weather    92EEEE@03-01                                                    PTI21: 158 PTI12: 210 ETA21: 40 ETA12: 87


Weather is a beautiful, productive doe that's passed on her conformation to her progeny. Her show career has seen her going 5 times GCH and 3 times RGCH along with an 11th placing in the 3 year old milking Saanen class at the 2017 national show. Along with showing, she's proven herself in the parlor with a 2017 production record of 4524 lbs milk, 135 fat (3.0%) & 120 protein (2.6%) in a 305 lactation.  Her daughter SG Spinning Spider Electric Lady shows tremendous promise in following her dam's footsteps.

Heat Wave


SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave    91EEEE@03-01                                                       PT21: 214   PTI12: 228   ETA21: 40   ETA12: 87


Heat Wave is the farm favorite for many reasons. She's got her dam's calm demeanor and loving personality. We believe this is one of the reasons she's been able to handle the stress of travel/showing along with life on our commercial dairy while still maintaining extraordinary production. Her show career consists of 8 times GCH, 5 times RGCH, 3 times BSDIS along with a 10th place in the 3 year old Saanen class at nationals and anchoring our 3rd place Saanen Dairy Herd win at the 2017 ADGA National Show. Her 305 day production for 2017 came in at 5206 lbs milk, 168 lbs fat (3.2%) and 154 lbs protein (3.0%). We are using two of her sons in our herd as they both exhibit her dairy strength and correctness while her milking daughters are proving themselves in both the show ring and the milking parlor.

Heat Wave and her daughters:

SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (l) & Spinning Spider HC Summertime (r)
SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (l) & Spinning Spider HC Summertime (r)


Spinning Spider HC Summertime  87VVEV @02-00                                                                 ETA21: 31  ETA12:  39


Summertime was a two year old first freshener in 2017 out of Heat wave and sired by Tempo Passa Win-Catchin' On. Her production reflected her status as a ff with 1819 lbs milk, 66 fat (3.6%) and 64 protein (3.5%) in a 260 day lactation. Her show career started in 2017 with one official GCH leg and a 4th place with 2nd place udder in the 2 year old class at nationals. She has a tremendous fore udder and a rear udder arch that is similar to her dam. We have great expectations for this young doe in years to come.

Spinning Spider HT Purple Haze   86 VE+V @01-02

ETA21: 40   ETA12: 44


Haze is a goofy first freshening yearling but with strong potential. This picture shows her standing on a partial hill, sweetly uncooperative as only babies can be. She is a Heat Wave daughter, sired by Vineyard View Kojack Trident. She freshened at 13 months and was appraised just a few weeks into her lactation. She showed well in 2017 and stood 18th in the yearling Saanen milker class at the ADGA national show. Her production record for 2017 shows her at 2021 lbs milk, 67 lbs fat ((3.3%), and 59 lbs of protein (2.9%) in 271 days. Her littermate brother, Spinning Spider Honky Tonkin was used heavily in the herd during the 2017 breeding season.

The "Edelweiss" line:

Jug-Tavern's D. Edelweiss
Jug-Tavern's D. Edelweiss

No longer with us, Edelweiss lives on in her daughters. For more information on Edelweiss, click on the REFERENCE DOES tab.

LA Woman

SG Spinning Spider LA Woman   89VEEE @02-06                                                    PTI21: 125  PTI12: 172  ETA21: 30  ETA12: 83  


LA Woman (shown here as a yearling) has a beautiful, well attached mammary. Her will to milk follows both her dam and her sire's dam, putting everything she has into her milk production and leaving little excess flesh for the show ring. A daughter of Edelweiss and by Spinning Spider Fortunate Son (our Chantal x Clinton son) she has matured into a foundation doe for the herd. She's shown well, standing 3rd in her Sr kid class at the 2013 ADGA National show and 9th in her yearling milker class at the 2014 nationals.  Her personality makes her a joy to work with. We dried her off a little early this year in the hope to have her in condition to be back in the 2018 show ring. Her 2017 lactation was 255 DIM 2769 lbs milk, 85 fat (3.1%) 79 protein (2.9%).

Leggy Blonde

Spinning Spider C Leggy Blonde  89VVVE @01-06                                                ETA21: -14 ETA12: 11  



Leggy Blonde holds a place in our hearts as a doe who shows true Saanen temperament. She showed, milked and appraised well as a yearling and we had high hopes for her future show career. Summer of 2017 she met with an unfortunate accident, losing her right eye. For a doe on a commercial dairy (set on mountainous terrain) that has to negotiate within a large herd, we were worried she would have trouble adapting. We found the opposite to be true. She never missed a beat. Her milk test record immediately after the accident found her to be only slightly off her projected milk. She finished off her lactation at 283 DIM, 2761 lbs milk, 92 fat (3.3%) and 85 lbs protein (3.1%).


SGCH Spinning Spider Put Onthe Ritz  91VEEE @03-01                                         PTI21: 194  PTI12: 195  ETA21: 84  ETA12: 104 


Ritz is one of a set of triplet does from an AI of Edelweiss to Des-Ruhigestelle Elander. While all three of the does show strength and a will to milk, Ritz outshines them all in her own way. Freshening in 2016, we bred her back in the fall with expectations of an early 2017 kidding. When the calendar showed it was time to dry her off in January, we proceeded to do so. Because I had a feeling something wasn't right (we had done a fall ultrasound and she tested pregnant but she no longer had that pregnant look...) we did a second ultrasound and found she had slipped the pregnancy some time in the previous months. At the point we discovered she was open, she had not been milked for a week. We decided to go ahead and try to bring her back into production and put her on the line. She responded beautifully and by mid summer was peaking at 15 lbs. She was bred (confirmed!) for mid March 2018 kidding but continued to milk like a doe newly fresh. Her 2017 extended lactation has her at 7769 lbs milk, 255 fat (3.3%) 219 protein (2.8%) in 649 days. She is currently in the process of being dried off but her January 2018 test still had her milking 7 lbs. Along with her extended lactation, she finished her championship in 2017 with 3 GCH and 1 RGCH for the year as well as placing 18th in the 3 year old Saanen milking class at nationals. 

Tramp and Swing

SG Spinning Spider Lady's a Tramp  89VEEE @02-05                                            PTI21: 129  PTI12 152  ETA21: 84  ETA12: 104  


SG Spinning Spider Got That Swing  89VEEV @03-01                                            PTI21: 156  PTI12: 143  ETA21: 84  ETA12: 104  


While we have no current pictures of Tramp and Swing, both are considered show quality and will be on our 2018 show string.