Saanen Senior Does

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Heat Wave

Sire: Des-Ruhigestelle Elander

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider AV Changes

DOB: 3/11/14 

01-05 VEEE 89 (FF)

03-01 EEEE 91

04-05 EEEE 91

05-04 FS EEEE 92

08-05 EEEV 91

01-04 265 2400 72 73

01-11 305 4059 124 123

02-11 305 5210 168 154 Top 10 Breed leader in milk, fat, and protein

04-00 284 4410 132 124

04-11 288 4750 113 137

05-11 305 4230 119 122

PTI21: 225 PTI12: 289 ETA21: 77 ETA12: 157

ADGA National Show Placings:

'17 10th 3yo

'17 5th Dam and Daughter (with Summertime)

'18 12th 4yo

'18 Saanen Total Performer

'21 4th Aged Doe

'21 2nd Produce of Dam member (with Lego)

'21 Saanen Total Performer

'21 High 305 Milk, High 305 Butterfat, High Lifetime Milk


Heat Wave is the farm favorite for many reasons. She's got her dam's calm demeanor and loving personality. We believe this is one of the reasons she's been able to handle the stress of travel/showing along with life on our commercial dairy all while effortlessly maintaining extraordinary production. She is our top ten breed leader, 4th place at Nationals (2021), 92EEEE, 2018 AND 2021 ADGA National Show Total Performer doe, 2021 ADGA National Show high 305 milk, lifetime butterfat and lifetime milk. She is also the dam of the high selling Saanen buck at the 2018 Spotlight Sale. Her Breed Leader lactation of 5210 lbs has been part of a lifetime production of more than 1493 days in milk 21,080 lbs of milk, 619 BF and 619P.  She accomplishes all this with an extremely correct general appearance that supports her productive mammary system. She has incredible depth and width, combined with an angular dairy frame. Her impact on our herd and others can be felt in the very consistent sons and daughters she has produced over the years. They all exhibit her beautiful front end and length of bone as well as her high, wide rear udder and near ideal teat placement.



Sire: Des-Ruhigestelle Elander

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider AV Changes

DOB: 3/11/14

 01-05 VEEE 88

03-01 EEEE 92

04-05 EEEE 92

05-04 FS VEEE 92

01-01 270 1940 57 54

02-00 305 3770 113 104

03-00 305 4520 135 120

04-00 302 3460 95 94

05-00 305 2961 71 79

05-11 305 3470 98 89

PTI21: 199 PTI12: 303 ETA21: 77 ETA12: 157

'17 11th 3yo ADGA Nat'l Show

Weather is littermate to Heat Wave and has kept up with or surpassed her sister every step of the way. Productive and extremely correct, Weather scored 92 three years in a row, has milked over 4500 lbs in a 305 lactation, and has provided us with several amazing sons and daughters. She's just as much of a total performer as her sister. Unfortunately uneven since a serious teat injury in 2017 as a 3yo, Weather has nothing to prove here. She's done it all and is one of our favorite does.


Weather and Heat Wave:

SGCH Spinning Spider Stormy Weather (l) and SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (r)
SGCH Spinning Spider Stormy Weather (l) and SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (r)

Heat Wave and her daughters:

5th place Dam and Daughter: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (l) & SG Spinning Spider HC Summertime (r)
5th place Dam and Daughter: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave (l) & SG Spinning Spider HC Summertime (r)


Sire: Des-Ruhigestelle Elander

Dam: Jug-Tavern's D. Edelweiss

DOB: 3/11/14 

01-05 +EVE 87

03-01 VEEE 91

05-04 VEEE 91

07-05 FS VEEE 92

01-01 305 2510 77 74

02-01 305 3730 119 102

           686 8011 269 228 ext. lac.

03-11 286 3620 111 102

04-11 305 4250 111 110

05-11 305 3840 122 96

PTI21: 240 PTI12: 255 ETA21: 127 ETA12: 168

Ritz is one of a set of triplet does from an AI of Edelweiss to Des-Ruhigestelle Elander. Sharing the high, wide rear udder of her dam, she also shows strength and a tremendous will to milk. With several milk throughs and a lifetime of over 1,887 days in milk,  22,231 lbs of milk, 690 lbs BF, and 610 lbs P; Ritz proves she can milk! Ritz continues the trend of our Elander daughters excelling in the parlor, showring, and during LA sessions. Plus she's a sweetheart!


Sire: Tempo Passa Catch the Wave

Dam: SGCH Des-Ruhigestelle Elenya

DOB: 3/24/15  

04-04 VEVE 90

06-05 FS EEVE 91

02-8 190 2089 92 74

03-10 305 2827 91 85

04-11 305 2790 101 85

PTI21: 15 PTI12: 62 ETA21: -9 ETA12: 26

ADGA National Show Placings

'21 5th 5&6yo

'21 2nd Dam and Daughter (with Paparazzi)

Tanya is one of those impulse buys that I haven't ever regretted. Incredibly long and level, with her high head and imperious nature, Tanya certainly makes her presence known here. Daughter of Elenya, she looks more like her mother every day. Beyond the show ring, she's proven herself as a brood doe, producing several lovely daughters, including a National Show class winner!


Sire: Vineyard View Kojack Trident

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave

DOB: 2/15/16 

01-02 VE+V 86

02-06 VEEE 90

03-05 VEEE 91

05-06 VEEE 91

06-06 FS EEEE 92

01-02 271 2020 67 59

02-01 281 3350 97 89

03-00 299 4620 111 122

04-00 283 3480 95 94

PTI21: 143 PTI12: 166 ETA12: 71 ETA21: 100

Haze is one of the most productive does in the herd, second only to her mother. She does this while moving around a beautifully shaped udder with ease. Haze has quite the presence on the scorecard, showing angularity and strength, width and depth, along with balance and productivity. I might be smitten.


Sire: Spinning Spider Honky Tonkin

Dam: Spinning Spider ContraryMary

DOB: 3/7/18 

01-04 VVVV 86

03-05 VEEE 91

04-05 EEEE 92

01-02 201 910 19 22

01-10 279 1850 43 50

PTI21: -39 PTI12: 48 ETA21: 6 ETA12: 74

ADGA National Show Placings:

'21 4th 3yo

'21 2nd Saanen Dairy Herd member

'21 3rd Best 3 Sr Does member

'21 3rd Sr Get of Sire (with Lego and Razzi)

Smoothly blended in the front end with a long, level topline and correct feet and legs, Mainline also has a beautiful udder that's welded onto her body. One of 4 Honky Tonkin' daughters we took to Nationals in 2021, Mainline placed extremely well in her age class and was an important part of our group classes.


In 2022, Mainline was an anchor of our showstring at the National show, taking 2nd with 2nd udder in her age class, and helping our group classes stay extremely competitive. Unfortunately she didn't settle for 2023 kids, so we'll have to patiently wait for 2024.


Sire: Spinning Spider Pressure Drop

Dam: SG Spinning Spider HT Purple Haze

DOB: 3/10/18

01-04 VV++ 84

03-05 VEEE 90

01-01 237 1020 27 31

02-00 275 2290 62 67

PTI21: 20 PTI12: 51

Chatelaine is one of only a couple of Pressure Drop daughters born before we lost him, but oh is she exciting! Linebred on Heat Wave, she demonstrates the extreme length and smoothness of her grandmother combined with a more level topline. We love the strength of her feet and legs, combined with that high, wide rear udder.

Hanky Panky

Sire: Tempo Passa Etain

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider EL Heat Wave

DOB: 3/27/18

03-05 VEVE 89

01-11 283 2510 78 71

ETA21: 70 ETA12: 85

Hanky Panky reminds me more and more of her mother as a younger doe. Limo long with the beautiful rear udder and teat placement that Heat Wave has, when they stand in the parlor side by side it's like seeing double.


Pictured as a 2yo FF


Sire: GCH Noble-Springs SET Anubis

Dam: SG Spinning Spider Got That Swing

DOB: 3/26/18 

01-04 +VVE 87

03-05 EEEE 91

04-05 EEEE 92

01-01 305 1560 43 49

02-00 294 3020 114 93

PTI21: 127 PTI12: 104 ETA21: 42 ETA12: 24

ADGA National Show Placings:

'21 7th 3yo

'21 2nd Saanen Dairy Herd member

Our favorite milking yearling in 2019, Starstruck has turned into a deep, productive and correct 3yo. We particularly appreciate the width of rear udder that she shows as well as the soundness of her general appearance. Something of an outcross on her sire's side, she was a strong member of our Dairy Herd this year at Nationals.


Sire: Spinning Spider Honky Tonkin

Dam: GCH Tempo Passa Elentanya

DOB: 1/25/19 

02-07 VEEE 89 (FF)

03-07 EEEE 92

ETA21: 12 ETA12: 50

ADGA National Show Placings:

'21 1st, 3rd Udder 2yo

'21 2nd Saanen Dairy Herd member

'21 3rd Best 3 Sr Does member

'21 3rd Sr Get of Sire (with Lego and Mainline)

'21 2nd Dam and Daughter (with Tanya)

Razzi was special from the get go. Born with her mother's attitude, she was a (un-shown) fancy dry yearling. This year she kidded with a lovely udder to go with her amazing GA. She proved this by going BIS in one ring of our Spring show, and followed that up by winning her class at Nationals! Razzi was also the anchor for our group classes, helping us have an extremely successful National Show in '21.


Sire: Spinning Spider Honky Tonkin

Dam: GCH Tempo Passa Elentanya

DOB: 1/25/19

02-07 VEVE 88

03-07 +EVV 86

01-06 184 1099 40 35

ETA21: 12 ETA12: 50

Littermate to Razzi and Posh, Poki is another extremely stylish Honky Tonkin' x Tanya daughter. Sharp and angular, with a beautifully attached mammary (just like her sisters), we're glad we kept all 3!


Sire: Spinning Spider Honky Tonkin

Dam: GCH Tempo Passa Elentanya

DOB: 1/25/19

02-07 VEEE 90

03-07 VEVE 90

01-03 238 1500 47 45

ETA21: 12 ETA12: 50

Yet another exciting Honky Tonkin daughter, Posh was our first fresh Elentanya daughter. Beautifully sharp and balanced, Posh also has a charmingly friendly personality to go with her general appearance and production. While she didn't make it to a show this year, she certainly proved her worth in the parlor and during our LA session.


Pictured as a Yearling Milker


Sire: Spinning Spider Wayward Son

Dam: SG Spinning Spider Lyresto

DOB: 3/21/19 

02-05 VEEE 90

02-05 VEVE 89

01-02 224 1730 54 45

Lyfe looks so much like her mother as a young doe, it's startling. She shows the same elegant high headedness and smooth general appearance. She also shares her mother's tendency towards working hard and not carrying excess weight.


Sire: Springfield-Oaks HW King

Dam: Spinning Spider HL Lark

DOB: 2/18/20 

01-06 +V+E 85 (FF)

02-06 +++V 86

Another King daughter, Skylark is a promising young doe with a lovely mammary. Still immature as a yearling, I'm looking forward to how she matures!


Sire: Spinning Spider Honky Tonkin

Dam: Spinning Spider AP Vespers

DOB: 2/23/20

01-06 VEEV 86 (FF)

02-06 VEEE 90

ETA21: -10 ETA12: 26

With a mammary reminiscent of her paternal half sisters, and the beautifully balanced GA of her mother, Vogue is an exciting young doe. As of 1/2/22, her daughter from '21 earned her Jr leg at a show in FL.


Sire: Spinning Spider JohnnyThunder

Dam: Spinning Spider HM Mainline

DOB: 2/26/20

01-06 VVVV 85 (FF)

02-06 VEVV 88

Metro looks so much like her mom, with perhaps a touch more length of body.


Sire: Tempo Passa Espionage

Dam: Spinning Spider EH Paparazzi

DOB: 2/21/21

01-06 VVVV 85 (FF)

A beautiful young doe who is very reminiscent of her mother, I can't wait to see what Pavanne does in the future!


Sire: Tempo Passa Espionage

Dam: Spinning Spider Can't Let Go

DOB: 2/19/21

01-06 VVVV 86 (FF)

Coma looks so much like her mother it hurts. She's long and stylish, with a lovely young udder. She's certainly a promising young doe.

Teen Spirit

Sire: Tempo Passa Eryx

Dam: Spinning Spider Perfect Storm

DOB: 3/9/21

01-05 VV+V 86 (FF)

ADGA National Show Placings:

'22 6th Milking Yearling

Our only Perfect Storm Daughter, Teen Spirit impressed us enough to take to Nationals less than a month fresh, where she did very well, placing 6th in the milking yearling class.

Dry Lightnin

Sire: Tempo Passa Espionage

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider Stormy Weather

DOB: 2/18/21

Dry Lightnin is yet another lovely Spy daughter.


Sire: Tempo Passa Eryx

Dam: Spinning Spider EH Posh Life

DOB: 2/26/21

01-06 VV+V 86 (FF)

A very stylish milking yearling, Polly didn't make it to any shows in '22, but we're looking forward to bringing her out this year!


Sire: Tempo Passa Eryx

Dam: SGCH Spinning Spider Put OnThe Ritz

DOB: 2/13/21

01-06 GV+V 84 (FF)

Misbehavin has certainly inherited her mother's will to milk, combined with really balanced General Appearance.

Pretty Paper

Sire: Tempo Passa Entourage

Dam: Spinning Spider EH Pokerface



Sire: Tempo Passa Entourage

Dam: Spinning Spider EH Pokerface



Sire: Tempo Passa Eryx

Dam: Spinning Spider HP Chatelaine

DOB: 2/26/21

Heebie Jeebie

Sire: Tempo Passa Espionage

Spinning Spider E Hanky Panky

DOB: 3/13/21