Bailey Mountain Tomme



When the curd has cooked to the right texture, consistency and pH, the whey is drained off and the curd is scooped into the hoops.  We use kadova molds from the Netherlands to give our wheels a lovely shape and a smooth rind.  Once packed with curd, the molds are put under light pressure.  With Bailey, we continue to pay close attention to pH, moving it out of the press and into the aging cave as soon as the desired pH is reached.  From there it's soaked in a saturated brine of sea salt then placed on the shelves to age.  Baily is flipped regularly and the rind is rubbed with a special brine solution to bring out the lovely speckled rind.  It remains in the cave at a temperature of 55* and a relative humidity of 85% for a minimum of 60 days until it's ready to go to market.