Aged Raw Milk Cheeses

Raw milk cheeses are made with weekly and aged for a minimum of 60 days.  The varieties we offer reflect the pleasure we take in the cheese making process.  Each recipe is our own adaptation so each is unique to the terroir of our Appalachian mountain environment. 


Bailey Mountain Tomme is an Alpine type cheese with a fruity, complex flavor and a hand washed natural rind.


Liesel is our Swiss Alpine style cheese with a rind hand rubbed with chocolate and spices.  It has a dry, nutty sharpness and a full flavor.


Our Feta has been described by those who know as being as close to the old world style as you'll find in this country.  Sharp and salty, creamy and dense, it's a wonderful addition to any cook's pantry.


Black Mountain Bleu is well veined with a rustic look and an intense, sharp finish. 


Montford Jack is our new additon this year.  It's smooth and supple with wonderful melting capabilities.  As a young cheese it's mild and moist.  As an aged cheese, it's dryer and much more complex.


McChesney is our raw cow milk cheddar.  Made from the milk of a nearby herd of pastured Jerseys, the flavor of the cheese reflects the excellence of the milk.  We offer both a natural rind and a tradtional bandaged version.