Does and Bucks For Sale


We occasionally sell milking does to make room for young first fresheners coming on in the spring. Our does are sold with Linear Appraisal scores and milk records, some with superior genetics and championship wins. Our entire herd is healthy, is tested every year for CAE and remains negative. We are happy to provide the most recent test results. Clicking on an individual doe's name will take you to her active pedigree link. Let us know if you have any questions on any of the does listed.

Spinning Spider Social Climate  (Saanen buck)

DOB 3/8/19

ETA21: 60 ETA12: 78

Proven with milking daughters, we are offering Climate for sale to allow room for his son in our buck herd. His dam, SGCH Spinning Spider Electric Lady is pictured below.

Price on Climate is $800



Fall 2022 Does for Sale:

SG Spinning Spider HC Summertime 5*M

DOB 4/7/15

06-04 FS VEEE 90

PTI21: 122 PTI12: 156 ETA21: 71 ETA12:103

2017 NS 4th with 2nd udder as a 2 year old

Summertime is a Heat Wave daughter, offered for sale as a brood doe. She kidded in 2022 with quads and is still holding her own. Due to her age, price on Summertime is $500.


GCH (pending) Spinning Spider CO Evangeline

DOB: 3/15/16

05-05 FSVEEE 92

PTI 21: 41 PTI12: 115 ETA21: -30 ETA12: 19

Evangeline is a pending permanent champion with a BIS win in 2021. Offered for sale for $900.

SG Spinning Spider LT Lyresto

DOB 4/14/17

04-04 VEEE 91

02-11 305 4140 141 107

PTI21: 205 PTI12: 184 ETA21: 17 ETA12: 23

2018 NS 6th place milking yearling, several RGCH and CH in her show career. Offered for sale for $900.


Spinning Spider EC Lola

DOB 4/7/18

03-04 VEEE 91

PTI21: 93 PTI12: 168 ETA21: 6 ETA12:71

Price on Lola is $900